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leah headshot 01When I purposely decided to give my life to Christ, I cried out to God late one night while staring into the mirror and seeing in my eyes an image that did not match my heart. I asked Jesus to take over my life. I told Him I would surrender total control to have Him come into my being and direct my path. It was the most overwhelming desire to return to innocence - to purity - to Light - to God. He heard me that night.

He led me full circle - back to where I left off many years ago where the tiny seeds of faith were planted in my heart as a young girl at a simple hometown church.  I had been taught the basic plan of salvation there. But many years and heartaches later - I was a long, long way from home. 

Jesus brought me back to square one to a sweet little old fashioned church right in the middle of Los Angeles. It wasn't very deep or even very spiritual but it did teach the basic plan of salvation. God knew I needed a review. 

Soon it was clear to me that I needed more than the basic plan. I had issues - struggles - conditions - spirits that simply wouldn't budge within.  So I started back on the path of being obedient to God - to the plan of salvation taught at this level and I got water baptized as an outward sign of the path of purity I'd chosen nights ago. In my heart I knew God was giving me the gift of washing away the hurts of my past and the sins of my flesh. It was the beginning.

Soon my questions regarding the spiritual experiences I'd encountered and the aspects of the Bible that weren't being taught exhausted the resources of this kind welcoming body of believers. I cried out to God for the next step. He heard me and led me to a full gospel church where they encouraged baptism of the Holy Spirit - ministered 'deliverance' spiritually and held services including operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. For a while I felt my spiritual hunger being filled. After several years I began to recognize old patterns, inner turmoil’s, buried breaches within me surfacing again. I sought help from the elders in this community of believers.  Inside I was thinking there must be something more in this Word, the Holy Bible, to access the Power of God on another level. My heart knew.  No one in this church could help me access what I knew in my heart to be true.

There was more - more to Gods' plan of Salvation - more of God to access on a human level - power to overcome self - the flesh and the spiritual forces of darkness. For some reason, my senses were attune to these forces throughout my life. I reached a point where my questions were no longer being answered and the hunger for my God outweighed what I experienced there. So I cried out to God again with everything in me. He heard me. He introduced me to a prophet, Larry Herlong. After hearing of him through his daughter who described him as the 'purist man you'll ever meet' and telling me he could answer all my spiritual questions. "He can help you" she said, over and over again. 

For months I felt a flutter in my spirit that this would be such a special meeting. I didn't know what to expect but certainly my expectations were exceeded on every level anyway. He spoke to me immediately with absolute clarity. He addressed me as a spiritual being, described to me my whole life's struggles - the reasons why and the way out in one sitting. He 'read my mail' so to speak.  Every bit of everything he saw from my past to my present was 100% accurate. He explained the baptism by water and by fire - what that meant. He answered my questions about the Bible for days and months on end.  Unbelievable. This man was so 'one' with the Word of God. 

The relief I felt having these lifelong challenges and questions answered brought on a sense of clarity I'd been striving for my whole life. The effects of this clarity forming inside my heart and mind affected every area of my life as the months went by. I began to see in the spirit. As this man of God was speaking of Jesus as Light of the World I began to see this Light shining around him and through him - this peace became visible - the scripture validates this experience from beginning to end. This man brought this revelation to me. He opened my eyes to my Jesus here and now - accessible to me every minute - ALIVE. 

My time spent being mentored by Larry taught me first that the gospel was not just a story about a pure man that lived 2000 years ago and sits in heaven to see me again after I die. And the Gospel wasn't this story combined with a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit on top of the saving grace knowledge of and belief about Jesus as taught in religion. He showed me that this gospel is truly exactly what it says it is - the Light of the World living inside of me- and all who believe - Jesus in full measure - this treasure - Christ Himself in earthen vessels. 

The gratitude I feel to God for sending Larry and empowering Him with the Fullness of the truth found in the Bible is something words cannot express. This man acquired this level of Christ's stature formed in him through extreme sacrifice - as it is written - greater death to self and the natural realm means greater measure of the life of Christ within. This is what I have experienced through Larry. His life - his teaching - his friendship - his testimony all fully demonstrate God's Love for His people. 

When I think of Larry and the depths of wisdom He has opened up to me and to thousands upon thousands of others - I am awestricken. Truly he could leave Einstein spellbound with his metaphysical understanding. I've seen him cause, jaws to drop in rooms full of the worlds most educated. That is all so extraordinarily powerful and amazing without a doubt, and all very satisfying to the seeker. And yet it isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I sit down to write about Larry's impact on my life in bringing me to Christ and Christ to me.

The swelling of my heart that spills out of me so zealously when asked about Larry is the love of God that he exemplifies in everything he does. He touched my heart the first time we sat down together and touches my heart over and over again every instance, every day, every year I have the privilege of watching God's commission over his life unfold. It is his love that moves me to keep pressing into God by example. It is his love that moves me to encourage anyone I meet - anyone I truly care about - to glean from this man's life and teaching. His heart of love for Gods' people is inexhaustible because it is yielded to God's heart. It is this love that crosses the boundaries of religion, doctrine, offense, hurt, or pride. Larry has demonstrated to me that there is no wall love cannot penetrate. He has proven and shown to me on a personal level that God is Light and God is Love.


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Chosen 1 Peter 2:9-10

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light; which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy. ~ KJV

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